An overview of attachments in Small Improvements

It’s possible to add attachments to user profiles, Performance Reviews, and 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements. We’ve compiled a list of use-cases for each feature to help you get the most out of attachments.

Attachments to Employee Profiles

Employees, HR Admins and Assistants, and the employee's direct manager are able to add attachments to an employee’s user profile. Uploading files such as an employee’s role description and a get-to-know-me document make for a more complete overview of the individual.

Employees can access attachments from their profiles directly from the Helpful Resources sidebar when viewing other content in the application (e.g., while writing notes in a 1:1 meeting with their manager).  

Attachments on an employee's profile page can either be public (visible to everyone in the account) or protected (visible to the employee, their management chain, and HR Admins).

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Attachments in Performance Reviews

Both the employee, managers, and HR admins can add attachments directly to the performance review. This enables feedback conversations to be enhanced with outside content that doesn't easily fit into other review questions but can be directly accessed on the review itself.

  • One example is the ability to attach previous paper-based reviews that you have from previous years before using Small Improvements. If you’ve previously used Google Docs or Word to document a review, you can attach this data to the new performance review in Small Improvements so everything is contained in one place.
  • Employees can add projects and other feedback/reviews to support their self-assessment. If your team is working out of multiple online tools, it’s great to be able to export data in those tools and attach to their assessment come review time.
    • A sales team member may have a quarterly sales report that can be attached for that review, including any feedback they’ve gained from clients.
    • Your inventory team may have a cost or revenue analysis from the last quarter by team members, and the manager could use this as a part of the review discussion by attaching and addressing in the document.
    • Greater record keeping: if your team is utilizing performance improvement plans, you can attach the document as part of the review so it’s clear that the plan is tied directly to that assessment.
  • Of course, our tool seamlessly integrates with other features within the application like 360 feedback and objectives, so it isn’t necessary to take further steps to attach those as they are available in the helpful resources sidebar. However maybe you’d like to include further documentation to support the discussion surrounding objectives and 360 feedback, so attaching a record like an email chain in PDF format is totally possible.

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Attachments in 1:1 Meetings

Attachments in 1:1 meetings help drive ongoing performance conversations and allow for easy access to data needed during a 1:1 and for future record.

  • Employees can easily add projects they're working on to the 1:1 meeting directly to easily reference them with their manager or coworker.
  • Managers and HR admins can make sure documented conversations shared upwards in the management chain or with HR by asking that meeting participants add documentation to the meeting as attachments, like sales data.
  • Your design team member has a new mockup or guide to share during the meeting, so they attach it to the meeting notes to go over during the 1:1. Attaching reports for recent sales and revenue goals as attachments.
  • If you’re setting up a meeting to go over a performance improvement plan, any documentation, guides, or agreements can be attached in the meeting itself while also being shared upwards in the management chain. 

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