Uploading attachments in 1:1 meetings

Employees can now easily upload and access files up to 10 MB in size directly from their individual 1:1 meetings. This is useful if you'd like to share a document with your manager or report directly in the meeting. 

How to add an attachment in a 1:1 meeting

It's quick and easy to add the attachment. First, open the meeting you're working on or create a new meeting with the other participant. From there, at the bottom of the meeting you can click to upload the attachment or drag and drop a file. 

Below is a screenshot example: 

Managing visibility

You can decide to share the file only with yourself by adjusting the visibility: 

Watch the below gif to see uploading an attachment in action:

Removing and managing attachments

Once you've uploaded your attachment you can view and also remove it from the same meeting. 

Below is an example gif: 

File size and type

You can upload attachments up to 10MB and there are no file type restrictions. 

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