Attachments to user profiles

You can attach documents to user profiles to help guide performance conversations and record important information about each employee.

This allows HR admins to upload relevant documents such job descriptions and helpful feedback tips. Uploaded files can also be accessed from the Helpful Resources sidebar - making it easy for managers and employees to find when giving feedback. 

Who can see attachments on the profile? 

Attachments on user profiles are currently public within your account, so any of your team members within your Small Improvements account can see them on the employee profiles.

If you're looking for more private communication options, check out Private Notes or 1:1 meeting attachments

Who can upload or remove documents? 

  • The employee, HR admin, HR Assistants and the employee's direct manager can upload documents
  • The employee, HR admins, and the employee's direct manager can delete documents

What are some use cases for attachments on employee profiles? 

  • Both the employee and HR are able to add attachments to an employee’s user profile. Uploading files such as an employee’s role description and a get-to-know-me document make for a more complete overview of the individual.
  • Employees can access User Profile attachments directly from the Helpful Resources sidebar. As an HR admin, it can be useful to include onboarding documents such as company values and tips on how to give feedback for employees to easily reference when setting objectives or providing feedback.    

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