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Small Improvements is more than performance reviews and 360 degree feedback. It also contains a lightweight messaging system that is extremely versatile. On this page, we'll show you how to track private notes, share them, and follow up.

If you're looking for 1:1 meetings, we have a handy guide, here

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Creating a private note

It's easy! You can use the global 'Create' button from anywhere in the application to take a private note: 

This will open up the Note dialog. Now pick who this note is about, and compose. 

As you can see, there's a note stating that Ray will not be able to see the note, guaranteeing its private visibility restrictions In most cases this is exactly what you want, so save the page, and you're done. The message will show up at the top of your message stream.

Share your note

Since private notes are in essence regular messages, you can decide to share them with whomever you'd like, crafting the privacy settings to your needs. 

For instance, it may make sense to share the note above with Stan. In case you wanted to write anything that's very personal and should not be visible to Stan, you could take two notes: One for your own eyes only, and one that's shared with Stan. 

Revisiting Notes

Underneath the performance review form there's a tab that highlights data from within Small Improvements. All your messages about Stan will automatically show up underneath Stan's performance review form. Below is an example. 

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