Adding attachments in Performance Reviews

You can add attachments to Performance Reviews in Small Improvements. This feature directly enables enhanced feedback conversations about growth and performance. 

Managers, employees and HR admins can view or download attachments. 

Enabling attachments in Performance Reviews

As an HR admin, you have the ability to control this feature being enabled for your organization. To use attachments, your HR admin team must first enable it under Administration –> Feature Selection

Who can add attachments? 

  • Employees can attach documents to their self-assessment
  • Managers can attach documents to their manager assessment
  • Secondary reviewers can attach documents to the manager assessment
  • HR admins can attach documents to the manager's review of the employee

How do I add an attachment?

You can add an attachment on the review while editing, you'll be able to see the option to add the attachment at the bottom of your review form. You can click to select the file or drag and drop it over from your desktop. 

Below is a screenshot example

After adding your attachment, you'll see the file visible for viewing and download: 

Can you delete attachments from the review? 

If you added the file as an employee writing your self-assessment, or a manager writing the management assessment, then you can delete the files you add. HR admins or secondary reviewers cannot delete files, only add additional ones. 

Can you add or delete attachments after the editing period has passed? 

If the review editing period has closed, or the review is signed, it's no longer possible to edit or add additional attachments. An HR admin would need to extend the editable period, revoke signatures, and re-open the individual review in this case. 

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