1:1 Meetings

1:1s are the key to a healthy and productive relationship between employees and their managers. These meetings allow both parties to stay on top to the progress of the employee and check in on their performance. Recurring check-ins makes these conversations more habitual, part of their regular routine, and increases alignment - so, no surprises when it comes to the more formal Review.

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1:1s are a chance for employees to collaborate with their managers on performance, and ensure these ongoing conversations roll up into the more formal Reviews, making for a more fruitful and easier assessment.


This video explains how you could may use 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements to better your employee's performance, keep them on track, and collaborate in the discussion, all tying into later Reviews or 360s for reference. With the help of 1:1 Templates lending a list of predefined talking points (guided by HR), Managers can pick and choose from a range of topics to cover with their report

1:1 Meeting Templates

Creating 1:1 Meeting Templates in Small Improvements is pretty straightforward. Guide your managers and employees' ongoing performance conversations with the topics you see necessary for addressing growth, development, performance, and more!

1:1 Meetings Dashboard

Get a finer understanding on who is and who isn't meeting with their reports over custom periods, access any meetings shared directly with you, and set up Templates to guide your users with specific, important conversations centred around growth and development.

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