Feedback Requests

Feedback Requests allow all users in Small Improvements, at any time, to drive their own or another's development and growth by soliciting feedback from anyone. No need to wait for the quarterly or biannual 360ยบ Feedback round - get feedback when the topic is top of mind for your peers and will help you improve your craft moving forward. There are several use-cases for Feedback Requests, which these videos elaborate on for each role. 

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Employees - driving self-growth

This video shows how employees can drive their own development and growth at any time, by initiating a Feedback Request from their colleagues, managers or even upper management.

Managers - for your employee's growth

Managers may request feedback on one of their reports, at any time! A great way to develop your team members at key moments in their roles. Probation, promotion, anniversary multi-perspective feedback rounds are the key to ongoing feedback that lends your employee the bigger picture on how they're doing, and what they can do next.

HR Admins - requesting on behalf of anyone

HR Admins can initiate a feedback request for any single user, at any time in your account. This is a fantastic way to solicit more perspectives on a user's performance when approaching, say, their end of probation, a promotion possibility, anniversary review, exit review, and more.

HR-Created Feedback Request Templates

HR Admins can guide their people using the Feedback Request feature with their own, predefined questionnaires that touch on important internal topics. Templates help speed up and simplify the request for feedback, but also communicates to users the types of requests HR deems relevant in the company to employee growth and development.

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