Managers using Small Improvements

Hi there, Managers using Small Improvements! This is your guide for understanding how you will use and leverage Small Improvements to host continuous feedback discussions with your team and their performance at work - how they're doing, and what they can do next via 1:1s; praising them and others for great work achieved; overseeing their peer feedback nominations in 360 Feedback; checking in on goals they're working; and aligning on their overall performance in Reviews.

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Setting up and viewing your own Profile

If you aren't using any of our HRIS integrations, this is how Managers can set up and customise their profiles in SI.


Praising your direct reports or colleagues

How to create a Praise and give recognition to your team, or simply praise fellow users in Small Improvements.

Praise: To and From Slack

This video demonstrates how any Manager can leave Praise not only from inside SI, but also inside their Slack account,. It removes the need to be in the tool to give recognition and celebrate great work done by your team, taking that ability right to where you (likely) already are.

1:1 Meetings

Documenting and Running a 1:1 Meeting

This video explains how you can use 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements to better your employee's performance, keep them on track, and collaborate in the discussion, all tying into later Reviews or 360s for reference. With the help of 1:1 Templates lending a list of predefined talking points (guided by HR), Managers can pick and choose from a range of topics to cover with their report.


Creating an Objective

This video walks you through where to create, customise, view and update your goals and objectives inside Small Improvements. As a Manager, you can also create Objectives for one of your reports (and if you have indirect reports, and HR has allowed the setting, them too!). After creating, you could clone the objective to other users in your team (see below video on Cloning Objectives).

Cloning Objectives to your Team

Cloning Objectives in Small Improvements lends itself well to our Lightweight Alignment approach for goal setting. While still giving employees the ability to independently customise them, cloning keeps the team on the same track. This video outlines how and where you can do this, from an Admin view (however, the functionality is the same for managers, only that managers can clone just to their direct reports.)

360º Feedback

How 360s work

This video explains how 360 Feedback in Small Improvements run, in its default state. Your Admins may adjust and customise this a bit, but the likelihood is you'll be approving the nominations of your employees. This video shows how that works!

Managing and Viewing your Team's 360s

Managers, after approving nominations for their reports' 360 Feedback, need a place to jump between the feedback given to their team members from their peers. Your Team tab gets you there, where you can add and remove reviewers, nudge them, and of course review completed feedback.

Feedback Requests

Requesting Feedback for your employee

Managers may request feedback on one of their reports, at any time! A great way to develop your team members at key moments in their time at the company. Probation, promotion, anniversary multi-perspective feedback rounds are the key to ongoing feedback that gives your employee the bigger picture on how they're doing, and what they can do next.


Writing your Manager/Reviewer Assessment(s)

Managers writing assessments of their direct reports is simple in SI. This video shows where and how, and also point to the Helpful Resource sidebar in the review, as a great aid for giving more context to your employee's feedback, while referencing any internal guidelines HR has in place.

2D Graph - Manager view

Managers can gauge how they are aligned with different users across their team as to how they've each performed, all in one interface.

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