Creating an app bookmark for Small Improvements on your phone or tablet

An important aspect of giving timely feedback is making it easy to do so. In this article, we’ll show you how you can quickly set up a desktop icon on your phone so you can access Small Improvements in the moment it’s meaningful. 

  • This will ensure you are able to Praise a colleague, create a talking point for an upcoming 1:1 meeting, or simply marking an action item on an objective as complete.
  • We've optimized our tool to work across many devices, so your review of the application will change depending on the size of your device but all features are available. 

Android Devices

Using your browser, navigate to Small Improvements and click on the three dots on the top right of the screen. From the dropdown menu revealed, select the ‘Add to Home screen’ option.

Confirm by clicking ‘Add’ and then ‘Add automatically’ and you’ll now have a visible bookmark on your phone that, when you click it, will navigate you right to Small Improvements.

iOS/Apple devices

Login to Small Improvements on Safari or your mobile browser and select the upward arrow icon on the bottom of Safari to start the process. 

Next, select "add to home screen" from the list of options. It may not appear for you as the first option depending on your personal settings so you can scroll right to left to see the options. 

Next select the name and click Add to add to your home screen: 

Visit your phone's app view to see the bookmark: 

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