Exploring Small Improvements

We encourage you to take your time and explore the features and settings hands-on. Try things out with the help of sample content and sample users before inviting real users. A personal demo is the best way to learn about how Small Improvements can facilitate employee growth, helping your business succeed, get in touch for a demo with our team to learn more.

As the first person in your company, you automatically have HR Admin and Tech Admin rights. This means you have full access to all of the features and account settings within Small Improvements. Every user will have their own login but with your rights, you can manage them and the entire company from your own account. We’ll cover all of that in more detail below.

Some suggestions on how to get going:

  • See what our customers have to say – Our testimonials provide great insight into a variety of ways you can benefit from Small Improvements.
  • Create your account and start playing with the sample users and content – more details just below!
  • Explore our feature tour – get a good idea of the features you’re most interested in and how you might want to use them.
  • Kick off a performance review or 360 feedback cycle and create some objectives. Use this time to try out all the settings you’re interested in.
  • Watch the recorded webinar or sign-up for a live one. If you have the time this is a fantastic and comprehensive look at all the basics you’ll want to know.
  • Get familiar with the administration overview – if you’re interested, try customizing some email templates or your design.
  • Our video tutorials, documentation, and FAQ are your best resources as you learn and master Small Improvements. There’s a wealth of information for every feature.

Making the most of the sample content

Your new account comes ready with a small company’s worth of sample content – everything from users to reviews are yours to command as you begin to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Jump in the driver's seat and explore the “Test Drive Mode” at the bottom of your screen. While you, as the first user, have full access to all available roles in Small Improvements- You can experience the features from the point of view of a standard employee (Salma), middle management (Maria), and even the CEO (Chris). You can fill out your own self-assessment, create an objective, prepare for a 1:1 meeting; Or check out what it’s like to give feedback as a manager, test out the notifications, as well as work in the overview screens.

(below is an animated gif, watch the whole loop!)

Deleting the sample content: Once you've gotten the most from exploring the test drive mode, it is super easy to delete it and start working with your real team. Just click into "Administration" on the left, navigate "Sample Content" underneath the "User Management" section, and select the delete option you prefer. 

Adding and managing team members

Before adding your whole company we strongly recommend individually inviting a few of your colleagues or a small team to kick the tires and help with your evaluation.

The company directory within your “Administration” screen and located as a tab in your "Company" screen, is where you: Add new users, send the welcome email, change an individual’s manager, grant/revoke Admin roles, or deactivate an account. You can also view and edit any existing profile, including your own, by using the top nav search box.

Learn more: User management

If you’re a BambooHR HRIS customer and want to easily sync your users with Small Improvements check out our documentation.

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