What questions do you recommend for the performance review questionnaire?

We believe that every company is slightly different and we believe in simplicity – we think that it's best to find questions that make sense for everyone. 

"What did the reviewed person do well?" is a good example of this: It is just as relevant for the CEO as for the new marketing intern. 

  • The president of the company has different expectations of the CEO than a marketing manager has of the new intern. The more specific you make the questions, the higher the risk that they won't apply to certain sets of reviewees.
  • We think the two default questions are really sufficient for the first round of reviews, and then you can fine-tune the questions in your next review cycle based on feedback. If the managers and employees feel that the questions were too broad, you can start adding some hints. (For example: "What did the reviewed person do well? Consider our core company values 'trust, customer focus, and efficiency.'")
  • For the sake of transparency and feedback, it makes sense to discuss the question set with your managers and get input from the people who are being reviewed before you start a review process. There's nothing wrong with putting up a blog post on your intranet to share 4 or 5 questions you're considering and ask for suggestions to improve them before the performance review starts.
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