Could we have specific questions for the performance review for a certain department or role?

A review cycle (and the actual questionnaire) is always the same for all people participating in it. If it's important to you to ask different kinds of questions of different departments, even if it's just one extra question for a particular department, then we'd suggest creating two independent review cycles that cover the same time frame but have different sets of questions. Then you assign people or departments to a particular review cycle depending on which set of questions they should receive.

There is in fact a quite convenient way of adding all people who report (either directly or indirectly) to one manager. To add the entire marketing department to a customized review cycle, you simply add the VP of marketing to the form under "Bulk create reviews for a manager's direct and indirect reports." This will create reviews for the entire marketing department in one step. Learn more in our video tutorials.

But you certainly don't need to create separate review cycles for just a single question that's not really crucial. You could instead add a question like "What do you think about our new brochures? Only fill out if you're in marketing please".

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