Calibration in reviews

When using performance ratings for employees, it's important to apply consistent standards across the organization. A common practice to achieve this is to calibrate and adjust ratings based on conversations between different managers and HR. Small Improvements gives you a few ways to handle this process. 

Restricting the review sharing dates

Normally managers can decide when they want to share their assessment with their employees. For calibration, you can turn on the ability to restrict the date from which the manager can share their side of the review and when the overall ratings can be locked down. This allows you time to go over the manager's reviews to ensure they're meeting company standards.

Turn it on in your review cycle timeline: 

Bulk updates of reviewer ratings

Next, an admin can easily export, change, and import ratings, allowing for maximum flexibility in your calibration process.

Click the Admin menu in your review cycle to find the "Import Reviewer Ratings" option.

You'll see a pop-up menu. Drag your import file to upload. The file you import has to include the columns "Reviewer LoginID" (users' email addresses) and "Overall Reviewer Rating" (new ratings).

Review the information on the confirmation screen before clicking the "Change Ratings" button. The confirmation screen tells you how many ratings will change, how many will remain the same, and whether there are any issues with the imported ratings. Confirm twice to complete the import.


To bulk update ratings, you can import an Excel or CSV file from a previous Review Cycle export or use one of the following templates:

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