1:1 meeting notifications in Slack

Employees using the 1:1 meetings feature will receive a Slack message 36 hours before every 1:1 meeting reminding them about their upcoming 1:1. This makes it easy to add talking points and notes ahead of meeting times. 

When are notifications sent? 

Employees receive a Slack notification 36 hours before the start of a meeting. If a meeting is created less than 36 before its start, meeting participants will receive the notification within 15 minutes. 

If a meeting is created in the past, no notification will be sent.

Easily add talking points in Slack

Employees can add talking points from Slack easily using our pop-up directly in Slack shown below: 

Adding notes

When the meeting starts, an “Add notes” button appears that allows users to add meeting notes from Slack. If the meeting is in the past, the “Add note” button becomes visible. This happens a maximum 5mins after the meeting started.

Can I create private talking points in Slack? 

It is not possible to create private talking points from Slack at this time. 

Can I edit or delete talking points in Slack? 

It is not possible to edit or delete talking points from Slack.

What happens if I delete a 1:1 meeting in Small Improvements? 

It is not always possible to delete Slack reminders after the meeting was deleted within Small Improvements. Employees trying to access the deleted meeting in Slack may see an error page. 

Turning off Slack 1:1 notifications

Employees can control their notifications from within their settings panel in Small Improvements. This settings panel is accessible by clicking their profile picture, then clicking Your Settings. 

From the settings screen, you'll see the option to turn on or off the 1:1 meeting reminder in Slack: 

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