Overview of Retention Analytics

Employee turnover is expensive and time-consuming. Small Improvements Retention Analytics gives you information to better predict turnover and shows you where to focus your retention efforts. 

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The Basics

Retention Analytics are broken down into three metrics.

  • Risk Prediction – Who might be leaving soon?
    We can estimate the chance (or risk) of each individual employee leaving in the near future, empowering HR to act soon and prevent regrettable turnover of valuable employees.
  • Turnover – How often are employees replaced?
    Turnover rates are a good indication of company-wide health, and can often highlight issues with a specific department or team.
  • Tenure – How long do people stay with your organization?
    We give you information on "Tenure at the time of leaving." A lot of short tenures can indicate problems in your hiring process or with employee onboarding, so we show you the average tenure for each department. We also show you Average Tenure for the entire organization, and for each department.

The Settings menu lets you decide the time increments you'll see in the graphs (yearly or quarterly). You can also filter the data to see only voluntary or involuntary leaves, as well as excluding departments under a specified size.

Retention Analytics Stats Overview

At the top, you'll see a quick overview of the most relevant and actionable indicators of your organization’s current retention health. We compare stats from the current year-to-date with the last full calendar year. Click any of the tiles for more in-depth information.

The stats you'll see are:

  • Company Turnover Rate
  • Highest Turnover Departments
  • Early Attrition 
  • High Risk of Leaving

Next, you'll see an overview of the three main metrics (Risk Prediction, Turnover, Tenure). Click "Open report" on any section to see more details.

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