Viewing and analyzing pulse survey results

This guide covers how to analyze the results of your Pulse Surveys. To read more about how to set up a pulse survey, view our guide: How to set up and administer Pulse Surveys

How to access results 

To access the results of your survey visit the Company tab –> Pulse Surveys –> Choose the survey. You can see results come in as they’re submitted, although participants can still change them before the deadline.

The response rate on the Overview includes any surveys where at least one question has been completed.

How to read results 

The Report view shows the average score and response rate, allowing you to filter by period, view, and group: 

The Comments review displays the written comments to the survey: 

Additionally, you can split answers by department, location, and more while viewing specific questions: 

Can I export results? 

You can export your data to CSV from the cycle overview shown below: 

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