Types of questions in Performance Reviews and 360° Feedback

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Types of questions

The questions you ask impact the quality of feedback you receive, so it's something you should keep in mind when designing a Performance Review or 360° Feedback questionnaire. Asking the right questions can make the writing process easier and the feedback more meaningful. 

In both Performance Reviews and 360° Feedback, there are several different question types that you can use to craft the best assessment form for your team. 

Here is an overview of the questions types you can customize for your forms:

Please note: Dropdown, Confidential Questions, and Overall Ratings are exclusive to Performance Reviews.

You may also add section headings to divide up your questionnaire by theme or topic. This may be useful for having sections on general feedback, objectives-related questions, or a focus on values

When to use each type of question

Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice questions allow respondents to select one answer from a list of response options that you define. This format works best for binary questions (e.g. yes/no, true/false), nominal scales (e.g. exceeds expectations, meets expectations, needs improvement), or for when you want respondents to choose the option that corresponds most to their opinion. 

In Performance Reviews, it is also possible to have an extra question for either the reviewer or reviewee(s), or even add a confidential question for managers to answer that will not be shown to the reviewee (but will be visible to indirect managers and HR).

Linear Scale

Linear-scale questions allow respondents to indicate their preferred position on a sliding scale. As an HR admin, you can define the endpoints of the scale to be numerical ratings or nominal ratings. Reviewer responses can make it easy to compare answers and identify gaps between respondents’ perspectives.


Checkboxes allow respondents to select as many answers as they like from a list of predefined responses. This question type is useful for when you want to gather input on topics with multiple applicable answers — for instance, to identify which areas an employee can improve on, competencies they think they excel or lag at, or which learning and development activities would be helpful for an employee.

Dropdown (Performance Reviews only)

Dropdown questions are similar to multiple-choice questions, in that they allow respondents to choose one answer choice from a list of response options. The difference is that response options are presented in a dropdown menu, which makes this question type ideal for when you need to display a long list of answer choices. 

Confidential Questions (Performance Reviews only)

Confidential questions are only visible to managers, and only HR Admins will see the responses.

Overall Ratings (Performance Reviews only)

You can enable this for self-assessments, manager assessments, or both.

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