Export options of your org chart from the company directory

We offer a complete export of all your users from the company directory. This export will include information like each employee's hiring date, manager, location, team, department, and whether they are active or not. 

This export can then be filtered in order to view specific information like active employees or only employees in a certain location. We'll show you how

Export a user list from the directory

You can export a user list from the directory by clicking the "Admin" menu then selecting "Export all users as Excel file" to run the export.

Filter a list of all active employees

Click the filter drop down for the "isActive" column and deselect "False" to remove deactivated employees.

Filter a list of all managers

  1. Starting with only the manager columns needed, you will click filter for the first column and deselect "Blanks" to remove those without a manager.
  2. With all the columns selected, choose "Remove Duplicates" from the menu and click "ok."
  3. The remaining employees shown are all managers in the reporting structure.

Filter individual columns like Location or Team

  1. Click the filter drop down for any column you would like to filter to show specific information.
  2. Deselect "Select All" then only check the information you wish to display.
  3. You can click the filter drop down again to select "Clear Filter" to return to the original view.

    In this example we show how to filter for location and then department.

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