Feedback Requests: HR & Manager driven feedback about others

Request Feedback now allows Managers to seek 360º Feedback on behalf of one of their reports, or for HR Admins to request on behalf of any single user in the account - at any time.

This is a big improvement to the feature that caters well to individual reviews, which may not fall at the same time as the company-wide 360s, for example. Feedback Request allows you to get a finer understanding from different perspectives of how your employee is doing in their role.

  • Use Cases
  • How to request feedback for a user
  • HR Admin Feedback Requests Templates
  • HR Visibility into Feedback Requests
  • Use Cases

    Nice use cases for a Feedback Request for someone else include: 

    • Probation reviews: When a new employee is approaching the end of their probation period, it can be useful to request feedback from relevant team members to get a fuller, more comprehensive picture of the employee’s contribution, or areas for improvement while they continue to grow at the company.
    • Individual anniversary peer evaluations: When someone is near their anniversary at the company, requesting feedback from their peers about how they've done can be a good indicator of where they can grow and where they can improve moving forward.
    • Promotion/Change of role review: If a direct report or an employee at the company is being considered for a promotion or salary increase, soliciting confidential peer feedback can give you a better understanding of their impact and help validate your decision on the promotion.
    • Feedback on recent work: If a report has just completed a project, put on a presentation, or even taken on new responsibilities in their role, request feedback on behalf of the individual can help them make continuous improvements and show you're invested in their development.

    How to request feedback for a user

    Simply request feedback by using the + Create button in the Small Improvements top navigation. 

    From, there, you will be presented with the 5 steps to completing a Feedback Request - the first, selecting the Topic and the Reviewee. Who is the feedback request about, and what is the topic?:

    1. Topic, Reviewee, and an Introduction to the request: The Title (topic) and Introduction will be included in the Emails that Reviewers receive, but also sit above the questionnaire you compose for them to answer.
    2. Reviewers: Nominate those who should give feedback to the chosen Reviewee. Click the person icon to bring you to your Org Chart, where you can quick-select teams to review an employee.
    3. Questionnaire: HR may have enabled Questionnaire Templates you can choose, or compose your own questions made up of Free Text or Scale Questions, and give the questionnaire structure with some Headings.
    4. Visibility and Anonymity: 
      1. What can you see: You can opt for a transparent 'Everything' to gain insight into both the feedback itself and who wrote what feedback, or 'Anonymous', which reveals the feedback but not the identity. 
      2. What can the subject of the feedback see: Additional options here are for the employee (who you're requesting on behalf) to see Nothing at all. 
      3. What can indirect managers see: All visibility and anonymity options for the employee apply to the indirect managers too.
      4. What HR Admins can see: This setting may be restricted from editing (see 'HR Visibility into Feedback Requests' below)
    5. Deadline and Release: Much like the self requests, you may set a deadline, an automatic email reminder X days before this deadline (for those who haven't shared the feedback), and decide when you want this released to the stakeholders with visibility.

    Now you'll have an overview of the Feedback Request. We recommend Previewing your Questionnaire that the reviewers will answer on your report's/the employee's performance, to ensure that you're happy with it:

    Once you complete the form and click Request Feedback, you'll be brought to your Team Overview of the different Feedback Requests driven across your team:

    HR Admin Feedback Requests Templates

    With this improved iteration of Feedback Requests, we have now turned on Request Feedback Templates for all accounts that have the feature activated. This feature supports Request Feedback Questionnaire Templates that your employees and managers can use for specific cases, like those outlined at the beginning of this doc. 

    We offer you 3 sample templates, which you can find under Administration > Request Feedback Templates. These templates are turned off by default, so you can revise and even edit them before turning them on for your account. It's here where you'll also be able to set up your own questionnaires, to support the topics and themes that you would like to prompt your people with, in creating their feedback requests:

    HR Visibility into Feedback Requests

    HR Admins can set default visibility for Feedback Requests on the Settings tab:

    You can change the menu to allow HR Admins to see:

    • Everything: They will see the feedback and the author
    • Anonymous Answers: The feedback, but not the author
    • Nothing: No feedback or author

    You can allow the requestor to change these settings or not.

    When creating a feedback request, you'll see the HR Admin visibility setting:

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