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  • This integration automatically creates 1:1 Meetings between managers and their employees inside Small Improvements, making it easier to track ongoing feedback and performance conversations. 

    • The integration reads 1:1 Meetings from your calendar on Google Calendar or Outlook and populates them inside Small Improvements as new 1:1s. 
    • 1:1 Meetings created in Small Improvements currently will not create a calendar event back onto your calendar system. 
    • The integration only works one way, to sync meetings over to Small Improvements - not the other way around. 
    • To find out about the technical setup, please refer to this article on 1:1 Meetings Calendar Integration: Setup.

    Using the integration (all user levels)

    Once your HR & Tech Admins have set up the integration from your calendar system into Small Improvements, head into the 1:1 Meetings Overview Page.

    To import an event:

    • The event must be with just one other person
    • That person must be a member of your Small Improvements account
    • The meeting must have keywords or punctuation in the event title (like 1:1 or <> or / )

    Your Calendar settings

    Click on  Calendar Settings and the window-overlay presents the meetings that have been linked from your calendar. 

    It is here, where you may deselect synced meetings that you do not want to appear inside Small Improvements, or keep those important, recurring, true 1:1s streaming into your Small Improvements 1:1 Meetings.

    Keywords for recognizing a 1:1 Meeting

    What you see here will depend on how a 1:1 Meeting is named on your calendar. Your HR Admin will set the allowable keywords (symbols/words that represent a 1:1 Meeting), that the system will read in your calendar and then  populate in Small Improvements too. 

    • For e.g, from the above screenshot, 'Marcus <> Tore' or 'Marcus / Kelly" are meetings in Small Improvements because the  <> and / are symbols that HR have decided represents a 1:1 Meeting between managers and employees.
    • By default, keywords in the calendar event will be one of: /, <>, one-on-one, 1on1, 1:1, one-to-one

    Managing your meetings synced from the calendar

    • After saving the meetings you want inside Small Improvements, clicking into the 1:1 Meetings page between you and your manager/report/other participant will display an already populated meeting for the upcoming scheduled date and time. 
    • You can view this in your calendar, and from there, adjust the date in your calendar if you need to, which Small Improvements will recognize and adjust in the tool accordingly.

    If the other participant has turned off the integration, you'll see the warning message that you can't sync those particular meetings. 

    Outlook Users: if you're using the new Outlook Calendar interface, clicking on 'View on Calendar' will bring you to the week overview, rather than the actual calendar event popup. We expect this issue to be resolved as soon as the new Outlook user interface finishes its testing stage and becomes the main interface used by all Outlook users. 

    If you have any questions on how this 1:1 Meetings Calendar Integration works, don't hesitate to reach out to We are happy to help!

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