Improved Performance Review cycle timeline

We've recently implemented improvements to the Performance Review cycle timeline. 

The changes do not affect the functionality of the timeline, but instead including wording changes that make the setup easier to understand. Below is a guide highlighting these changes. 

  • Cycle Starts: the official day and time the cycle becomes available to employees
  • Deadline for Reviewees: the last day for an employee to write and share their self-assessment. This date is shown to employees as the deadline on their to-do item and the review form. 
    • Optional grace period: an optional extension for employees to grant more time, not shown as a date to employees directly
  • Deadline for Reviewers: the last day for a manager or primary reviewer to write and share the manager's assessment. This date is shown to managers on their to-do items and review form. 
    • Optional grace period: an optional extension period for managers that is not shown as a deadline to employees but extends the editing date
  • Everyone should sign by: the last day for employees and manager to sign reviews. This deadline is separated from the write and share dates - it's possible for an employee to sign after the write and share deadlines. 

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