Custom Reviewers in Performance Reviews

We now offer the ability to change the reviewer on an individual performance review, without making changes to the manager record. This means you could decide to make the main reviewer of an employee their mentor or coach, instead of their direct manager. 

This feature is in addition to adding secondary reviewers in performance reviews which allows a second employee to contribute to a review. 

How do I use/set custom reviewers?

You can set custom reviewers directly on the cycle by selecting the pen-icon next to the reviewer's name to make adjustments. 

See the below screenshot example: 

Below is a gif showing this process: 

In the below example Mark's reviewer has changed, but Chris is still Mark's manager: 

Does the direct line manager still have access?

The line manager would have read and write access along with the indirect management chain, but they would not be able to sign or share the review. The custom reviewer takes over the manager's default ability to share or sign, but the direct line manager can still make contributions to the content. 

What are some benefits of using custom reviewers? 

The ability to select Custom Reviewers allows organizations to run ad hoc review cycles outside of formal, company-wide Performance Reviews. 

  • For example, if your organization is composed of departmental-teams and cross-functional teams, you can easily run review cycles for both to give employees the most comprehensive evaluation and feedback. 
  • Additionally, Custom Reviewers caters to employees without a specific manager or when there is a change of manager. As your organization scales, our flexible Performance Reviews can be configured to adapt to your changing teams. 
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