Help! My manager changed but the old manager's name still appears on the review

When a manager change occurs in the tool, the new manager will gain immediate access to the existing and previous performance reviews. However, if their report is a participant in an open cycle, we'll retain the previous manager's work until the reviewer role is changed to reflect the new manager.

The new manager needs to be set by the cycle admin one of two ways. The admin can manually update the reviewer for that specific employee's review or they can update the entire cycle to reflect the current manager roles.

Updating a single reviewer

To update a single employee's reviewer you'll take these steps from the cycle overview:

  • First, hover over the reviewer name and click the pencil icon.
  • A menu will pop-up where you can click the trash icon to remove the current reviewer.
  • From there you'll start typing the new reviewer's name and select. Make sure to save to complete the change.

Updating multiple reviewers at once

To update the reviewer for all employee's in the cycle to their current manager, you'll take the below steps from the cycle overview. 

You'll select the "Admin" drop-down then select "Reset Reviewers" to bring up the selection menu:

From there you can choose to reset to the reviewee's default manager, secondary reviewer, or both.

Note: this is a global cycle change and any custom reviewers will need to be manually updated

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