Visibility into 1:1 Meetings

Who can see my meetings?

By default, only you and the participant you're having your 1:1 meeting with has access. Now we offer some additional options for your team depending on your needs. 

Can I share with HR admins or my manager? 

We now give you an additional option, if you'd like to share your meeting notes with your HR admin and management chain.

At the bottom of your 1:1 meeting you'll see the option to share: 

You'll be able to decide if only the participants are included or HR admins, or your management chain (or all 3):

Who can change visibility? 

Both meeting participants can change visibility when launching the meeting and can also see the visibility settings of the meeting after it's in progress. 

How will I know if visibility has been changed? 

You will receive an email notification if the visibility on a meeting you're a participant in is changed. See the below screenshot indicating this change in the update email. 

What's the benefit of this feature? 

We understand the need for privacy and want to encourage honesty in 1:1 meetings. However we've heard from many customers that HR and management would like to be able to assist in 1:1 meeting support when it's necessary. 

So we've put the control in the hands of meeting participants to decide when they'd like to share, but they can still have fully private meetings. 

1:1 meeting templates and visibility 

As an HR admin, you can now create 1:1 Meeting Templates with predefined Visibility Settings. New meetings will be visible to HR and/or the management chain, which can help to ensure the right topics are being discussed during: 
  • On-Boarding - Address issues that come up during a new hire check-in in a timely manner
  • Performance Improvement Plans - Guide conversations around performance improvements
  • Objective Setting - Gain more insight on objectives planning discussions
  • Ongoing Feedback - Utilize 1:1 Meetings as a lightweight performance review 

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