New Performance Review writing experience

The new Performance Review writing experience helps employees focus on their portion of the assessment during the performance review process. 

The new streamlined page makes it easier to concentrate on the primary tasks of writing, sharing, and signing. Additionally, relevant timeline due-dates are displayed clearly at the top of the review form. Finally, employees can preview their work before sharing to ensure they are satisfied with their work.

What’s changed exactly?

Improved introduction and deadline view

Save, Preview, Share / Sign buttons are always visible

Improved Overall Rating section

You can now see the details about each rating options directly on the review form. 

See the animated preview

Check out the below animated view of the new version as shown to employees: 

As shown in the above animated gif, it’s now easier for an employee to focus on their assessment, preview their work, and save, share or sign.

Other side hidden until needed

We now hide the other side of the review to let the employee and manager focus before viewing the other side's feedback. The other side can be opened up at any time from each employee. 

Comparisons to older view

The previous view of the performance review view screen: 

As seen in the above screenshot, the reviewer/manager's side is shown even when empty. The timeline, due-dates and the introduction from admins are hidden unless users click to reveal them. 

The share/sign buttons were hidden towards the button of the review and some employees found it hard for employees to locate them. Additionally, in the old view it preview before sharing was not possible.  

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