How do I make an employee an HR Admin?

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To grant HR Admin permissions, you'll need HR and Tech admin permissions yourself first. If you have these permissions, you can grant HR Admin permissions to another colleague from the company directory.

After clicking "Edit Permissions" you'll see the following dialog. Check the "HR Admin" checkbox and press "Save Permissions".


There are 3 possible roles any user can have, and these roles determine what administrative permission their users have access to:

  • HR Admin
  • HR Assistant 
  • Tech Admin

In short the  Technical Admin role is used to configure the SI integrations, security settings, and use the user import tool. The HR admin roles are more for managing people and feedback within the platform. And the HR Assistant role is like HR Admin "lite" - able to help out with some administrative functions, but with no access to confidential information.

A user may have more than one role, and in that case the permissions simply add up. The original system evaluator starts out with both HR Admin and Technical Admin permissions - what we refer to as the account "  Super User" who has all permissions. 

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