How to merge duplicate employee accounts

If you've encountered that there are two duplicate accounts for one employee with different email addresses, you can merge these two accounts. Below is a guide to merging the two accounts. 

Step One: locate the employee in the Company Directory

You'll first need to visit the Company Directory and click the employee's name who you'd like to merge, and view their full profile.

Step Two: locate the merge option on the employee's profile

From the employee's profile, select the Manage button and "Merge into other users" from the drop-down options. 

Step Three: select the destination account

The account you'd like to keep, should be looked up in the right-hand search field. On this screen you can review the data that is going to be merged. The source account will be deactivated. 

Should I delete the source account?

We do not recommend deleting the search account. The source account will be automatically deactivated, and not count towards your license total. If you need to access this account's records in the future you will still have access, but if you delete the source account this won't be the case. 

Step Four: confirm and merge

Once you've selected the destination account, you can merge the two accounts and confirm. 

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