Troubleshooting your email notifications

The mail log allows you to quickly identify undelivered emails and to get detailed information about why they were not delivered. And you can also manage bounced email addresses. You'll find a link to it in the Administration Overview.

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In general we are able to smoothly deliver emails. But sometimes errors do occur, for example there might be a typo in an email address, a server might be misconfigured or an email might have ended up in a spam folder. These are cases where the mail log might help you out.

Mail Log

To locate the Mail Login your account, navigate to Administration > Mail Log: 


With the mail log you can see exactly which emails have been sent and which we were not able to deliver. Every email in the mail log is associated with a status. The status might be Pending, Delivered, Dropped, Bounce or Deferred.

  • Pending: We have not yet sent the email. We typically send emails within a few minutes.
  • Delivered: The email has been successfully delivered.
  • Dropped: The email address is marked as bounced. So we did not try to send the email.
  • Bounce: We tried to deliver the email but failed.
  • Deferred: The email will be sent later.

If all emails have been delivered the mail log might look like in the image below.

If you have any bounced email addresses the mail log might look like this:

Investigating Undelivered Emails

It is pretty straightforward to see all undelivered emails: simply press "Show only undelivered". You can then further narrow down the emails by specifying a user's email address and/or specifying a date interval.

Getting Technical Information

Emails with status "Bounce" typically contain technical information. This might be useful if the error is not just a typo in the email address. To access the technical information hover the status and press "Show details".

Bounced Email Addresses

You can get information about whether an email address is in the Bounced Email Addresses list either by hovering over the status, or by expanding the red warning box (only visible when bounced email addresses exist). In either place you can remove addresses from the list, either by clicking on the delete icon or the "Mark email address as valid" button. Doing so will have us try again to send email to the addresses. Note that you should only remove an email address from the bounced list after verifying that the email address is correct. The email address will be re-added if we continue to fail delivering emails to it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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