Welcoming staff

So you have set up all staff in the system and are ready for your team to start giving feedback and setting goals? Awesome, its likely time to welcome them to the platform. 

In order to use Small Improvements, staff will not just need an account, they also need to define a password (well, unless you use Google Apps or SAML SSO). Small Improvements can send email instructions to all staff about how to define a password.

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However, since we can't know if you'd like to invite everyone at once, or maybe just senior staff, to start- And we'd like you to have the flexibility to determine the exact moment you'd like to trigger welcome/password creation emails- We don't automatically inform staff about accounts and how to define the password.

You need to trigger these emails manually, but the process is very simple. 

Getting Started

Let's assume the first thing you'd like your team to use Small Improvements for is a performance review. You have set up user accounts, customized your first review cycle in advance, and even added the participants to the process before inviting them in. The performance review overview screen has a button to notify everyone by mail about their reviews. Hold on!

If people don't know about their accounts yet, they might be confused, so we recommend a simple welcome email for them to define their password, make any personal changes (like maybe update a profile pic) prior to inviting them into a cycle.

Locate the Company Directory in the Administration menu on the left hand side of your screen.

Once on this screen, there is an admin menu in the upper right hand corner- Clicking into it, you'll find a link to send welcome/password create notifications to whoever has yet to receive one: 

In the above example there is only one new employee being added to the system, the total would obviously be higher if you were doing this for the first time. Let's say you can notify everyone, but to start only want to notify just one person.

Easy enough! Just click the downward facing arrow to the right of the employee's name. There you will find many user admin options ( more details here), including the ability to send a one off welcome email. 

Customizing the email

You also have the ability customize the Welcome Email to be specific to your company and team. So if you maybe want to include a link to a URL on your website, even a picture — it's all possible! We have general documentation about how to edit the emails.

Just navigate to your over Administration Overview screen > Click the "Emails" button, and then find the "Access to Small Improvements: Welcome mail, and password setting instructions" template. 


Send the welcome email to a group of employees

Thanks to multi-selection, it is even possible to select groups of users in the List view, or entire departments in the Org Chart view, and trigger the mail to a select group of people:

Next steps

Based on what features you want to use, another email might be necessary now. For instance, if you're using performance reviews, you'll now want to set up those, and then trigger specific emails to those people who are being reviewed.

But it's not strictly required: If you just sent the welcome-mail and all reviews are in place- Then by logging in, your staff will see their to-do items on their homepage anyway. It really depends on your use case if you want to trigger feature-specific emails next.

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