Editing your email notification templates

To ensure opt-in and keep your feedback process moving along, you can send many different types of emails to your users through your Small Improvements account. 

Check out our guide to the best practices of email notifications

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To make things easy on your team, we made it a priority to have plenty of direct emails that include action item messaging ("click here to do this" etc). Since admin flexibility is one of our calling cards, the default wording of all those email notifications is completely customizable.

You can change the wording of each email sent from your Small Improvements account, adjust the signature, or disable any email templates you don't wish to use. 

Getting Started

You will find the management screen for all your emails by navigating to your Administration tab and clicking the "Emails" button.

At the top, you'll see the option to edit your email sender name and add a custom email signature. If you add an email signature, it will be applied to all the emails sent from your Small Improvements account.

Email Templates Overview 

Note that emails edited from your Administration page are set at an account level. These edits will remain in effect for every cycle you create. 

Emails for your Performance Reviews and 360 Feedback cycles can be set on a cycle-specific basis. Those edits will overwrite your account level customizations. 

  • Preview the email template by clicking the "Preview" link (eye icon)
  • Edit the template (pencil icon)
  • You can see which email templates are customized and which are disabled

Here is an example:

Editing the Email Template

Not sure which template you want to customize? Click the "Edit" link to see a brief description of the email's contents. When you've found the right one, you can start editing. 

The email editor lets you customize the email subject and body. Add formatting, links, even emoji to make these emails more engaging. 

If you've added a signature in the global settings, we don't recommend also adding one to your email templates, since you'll end up with two signatures in your emails.

One of your most useful tools available for personalizing emails is the user of  placeholders. More on that below!

If you change your mind about your customization, it's easy to roll back to the original text. Just edit the template, then click "Reset to Default".

Disabling Emails

To disable an email, click the Edit link. You'll see the toggle to disable or enable the email.

Disabling emails is a global setting. That email will be disabled for all cycles, until it is re-enabled. 

Understanding Placeholders

As you edit, you'll notice placeholder text in some of your default templates. That is text Small Improvements fills in for you, so the email is more personal to the recipient. For instance, if it says "Dear  Recipient's first name" in the template, then the resulting email will say "Dear Juan" when the email is delivered to Juan, and it will say "Dear Janice" when the email is delivered to Janice.

Typically, we address the recipient by their first name, and we use the pronouns they specify in their profile. 

Expand the list on the right sidebar to see all the placeholder options available. Clicking on a placeholder will input the selection right where your type cursor is in the edit field. Try it out!

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