Custom design

You want staff to enjoy the look and feel of your performance review system, so we've provided a few custom design options to reinforce your company identity.  

Covered in this guide


To explore what is available to you, navigate to your Administration tab and click the "Design" button:

Logo and Background image

Swap our logo with yours to have the platform feel a bit more native for your team. You can resize it a little, and watch it update immediately. You can also add a nice additional design element with a background image of your choosing.

Note: The image is intentionally rendered as opaque, so as not to distract too much from the important feedback your team members are sharing. It is really just meant as a stylistic complement to the main navigation. 

Changing the color accent

There are subtle color accents throughout Small Improvements and with our custom design ability, you can get them to reflect the scheme that aligns with your branding.  

Either drag either of the two sliders to find an approximate color compliment or enter in the exact HEX code you wish to use! You will see your changes reflected in small ways throughout the tools. 


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