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How it works

The 360 degree feedback form can continue to look just as before: Up to 10 sections that consist of a heading, question, and free form text field for each section. No need to worry about your existing questionnaire. But in addition, it is now possible to use a section for the purpose of inserting a customizable scale. 

Headings, Questions and free form test answers, or scales. Are all optional, Mix and match as you like to craft the perfect peer feedback form for your team! 

Administrative perspective

When you get to the "Compose Questionnaire" section of your 360 Cycle set-up screen, you'll see the default questions already populated: "What did the reviewee do well?, and "What can the reviewee improve on?". You can edit or delete those if you like.

You'll also see an option to add more questions. Clicking this will not only present you with the option to add headers and/or more open-ended questions, but you will also see a third option: "Scale".

Clicking into the "Scale" option gives you a default Likert scale option, which you can then customize. Customizing the prompt and answer/rating options, reordering the answers, or even adding more could not be easier. Check it out, it looks like this:

Reviewer perspective

The reviewer will see the normal screen asking them to provide feedback about a person. Depending on your questionnaire, they may see a mix of free text and other question types. It can for instance look like this:

The reviewer can decide to leave text areas empty (like before) and can also decide to leave out some of the multiple choice ratings if they don't feel they can provide any insight.

Recipient perspective

The ability to see the rating result in general depends on the visibility settings of the 360 cycle. If you configured the cycle to show the results to the manager only, then only the manager can see the distribution of the multiple choice ratings. If the reviewee is allowed to see the feedback, they will also be able to see that distribution.

The ability to see who provided what rating depends on the cycle anonymity settings. If the reviewee (or the manager) is not allowed to see who provided what feedback, then the ratings are displayed as above. However, if the cycle is configured to not be anonymous to the reviewee (or to the manager) then the names of the raters will appear. Like so:

When you export the 360 status to Excel, the ratings will be included as well.

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