Inviting external 360º Feedback reviewers

Small Improvements is the perfect system to conduct 360 degree reviews for your employees. But wait, there's more! You can also invite external guests to provide feedback to your team as well. So someone in a customer-facing role can invite their clients to provide anonymous feedback to them, either for self-improvement or for the manager to see.

Small Improvements is a system that's ultra convenient for 360 degree feedback. HR sets up the process, the questionnaires and the timelines, and then the employees (or their managers) can nominate reviewers to provide feedback. With this added external reviewer option, HR Admins can enable a "Invite Guests" feature, giving employees the ability to invite third parties to share feedback.

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Guest accounts: Features and limitations

Guest accounts are proper accounts in that the guest gets a password, can log in, write feedback, and submit it later when they are done. Like normal user accounts, guest accounts are persisted to the database, so guests can revisit what they wrote last year as well. Of course an administrator can always delete guest accounts, or lock them down to stop access.

However, guest accounts come with limitations. Guests cannot access any of your internal data of course. They won't see any internal messaging, cannot be reviewed, don't get status emails, have no proper profile page, etc. When a guest logs in, e.g. after having been prompted by an automatic email to provide feedback for a reviewee, the guest can only view a very limited 360 review dashboard.

Configuration options

There is merely one key setting: "Who can invite guests?" A Small Improvements administrator defines this policy in the "User Management Settings" page, accessible from the Administration tab. 

Available options:

  • Off. Nobody: This means that not even HR can invite or add guest users. 
  • Only HR: This means just HR Admins can create guest accounts by either adding a guest user in the company directory, or nominating a reviewer (either as a reviewee, or via the company overview screen for a 360 cycle)
  • Only HR and managers: This means that people who have direct reports (even if one) are allowed to invite guests. 
  • On. Everyone: As you'd expect, if you pick this setting then everyone can pick reviewers. Admins via the company directory and regular users when nominating.

Inviting Guests to the tool

There two main ways to get guests into the system. Either you're an administrator and you can invite them (with our without an invitation message) using the Add Users window, or whoever has been granted them ability to do so - Can invite them "on the fly" while selecting the reviewers for a 360 degree review.

  • On-the-fly invitation: Simply enter the reviewer's email address into the reviewer selection box. If the reviewer doesn't exist in the system yet, then a new option appears on the user dropdown. It looks a little like this: 

    The guest account is set up right away, but no mail to this reviewer is triggered yet! This means other employees can now also easily pick this guest as their reviewer: they just need to enter the first letters of that email address.

  • Why hasn't an email been sent you might ask? Good question! Because the guest wouldn't be able to do anything until the reviewee's manager has approved this reviewer, it would be terribly confusing to your new guest to log in and have nothing to do. Once the approval has been issued by the reviewee's manager, new guests get notified automatically by the system. The guest receives instructions about how to log in, and about how to provide feedback.

  • Invitation via the Add Users window: This option is only accessible to administrators. When Guest Users are enabled for your company, a Guest checkbox will appear on the Add Users window. At this point you have the option to send an email notification, and you can attach a personal message so that the guests will know what hit them.

    This window is accessible from the Admin Overview, and from the Company Directory too. Or take this shortcut to the Add Users window

The guest's perspective

As mentioned, guest access is very limited. You can provide feedback, and that's it! Here's how the homepage looks like to a guest:

As you can see, it looks very similar to a regular user's landing page. But there is no way to access any other data.

Toggling guest access

As an administrator, you can turn a guest into a regular user, if you ever need to "graduate" a guest user to having full access to your account in Small Improvements. 


Guest accounts do not cost you a cent, as they don't count towards your active user license total. Have as many guests accounts as you like, free of charge!

Important to note: Guest users must have log-in emails that differ from your account's company domain. They need to be external in order for the functionality to work, so only alternate emails are allowed.
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