Managing restrictions in limited objective cycles

Whether you have already set up an objective cycle with a limited number of participants, or you'd like to set up a limited cycle, you can manage cycle participants from the cycle overview and remove individuals from a cycle from the same screen.

Limiting an existing unrestricted cycle

You can restrict an open cycle by using the limited participants option from the cycle overview - below is a screenshot example.

Adding new employees to existing limited cycle

If you already have a limited cycle, you can add more participants from the cycle overview.

Watch the gif below to see the menu in action:

Removing a user without objectives from a limited cycle

Use the actions menu on the right-hand side of the user in the cycle overview to remove them from the cycle - below is a screenshot example.

Removing employees with existing objectives

In order to move an employee from the cycle, you'll first need to move their objectives - below is an example of how to do this from the cycle overview.

Once you move the objectives, you can remove the user from the cycle using the example above.

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