Who can see my objectives?

Objective visibility is determined by each individual employee when setting up an objective, or by your manager when he/she creates an objective for you. You have the option to edit and update the visibility of your objectives at any time. 

Three visibility options

There are three visibility options available to you: private, protected, or public. 

  • Public: Shared with everyone in the organization.
  • Protected: Only visible to you and your manager (and their manager), HR admins, or any other employee you designate. 
  • Private: Only visible to and editable by the author. No one else can see a private objective. 

When creating your objective

You have the option to change visibility when first creating the objective. The gif below shows the options available to you. 

Editing the visibility

You can edit the visibility of your objective after it's created by editing the objective and adjusting the visibility setup. Below is a gif of this process in action!

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