How to export Objectives

So you need to export your company objectives data for further number crunching? No problem, we have you covered! As an HR admin user, you are able to export the data to Excel and CSV. 

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Exporting from the Company view

The quickest way to export your Objectives cycle data is by:

  1. Navigating to your "Company View"
  2. Tabbing to "Objectives" 
  3. Selecting "Export"
  4. Choose between an Excel spreadsheet or a .CSV file
  5. Choose your formatting options (more below) Export Objectives by Owner

If you'd like to export objective data based upon the employee who created the objective, you'll select the first export option. 

Columns can be customized and are automatically organized by owner. 

Export Objectives by Objectives

If you'd like to export by objectives, including the entire list, you'll select the second option. You'll see similar column customization options and data format options. 

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