Objective cycles for teams (limited objective cycles)

Depending on how your organization manages the goal-setting process, it might be useful for you to craft specific Objective cycles solely for the use of certain teams or departments. Much as you do when creating a Review or 360 cycle in our platform, you can select specific participants to include in an Objective cycle. 

Many companies find this process useful as they can get tactical with cycle structure and guideposts, tailoring the cycle settings to perfectly fit a team's workflow. 

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Cycle Setup

Restricting an Objective cycle to participants is an easy process. When an HR Admin goes to create a new cycle (From either their Administration screen or from the "Company View"), the first section of the cycle set-up screen will include a new section: 

"Select People"

Here you can either choose "All Staff", keeping the cycle open just as in the default version. Below is an example. 

Or you can choose "Selected Staff", which opens up a user picker which displays a variety of ways to sort your team and pick the desired participants for a restricted cycle.

Watch this gif for an example:

Just remember: If you do not select yourself (the admin) as a participant, you can review the cycle from your company overview screen, but you can't create your own objectives within this particular cycle. 


End user workflow

For your team, the objective creating experience is no different from a standard cycle. The key difference is that only the participants in a restricted cycle will see the cycle option when they click any of the "+Create Objective" buttons located throughout the platform. 

In naming the cycle, we recommend referencing the team/department working in it. Not only will it be clearer to the team/department that this is "their" objective cycle. Below is an example. 

But it will also be easier for you as an Admin when you are referencing multiple Objective cycles on your cycle administration screen.  


Cycle Management and changing participants

You can restrict an open cycle by using the limited participants option from the cycle overview - below is a screenshot example.

Adding new employees to existing limited cycle

If you already have a limited cycle, you can add more participants from the cycle overview.

Watch the gif below to see the menu in action:

Removing a user without objectives from a limited cycle

Use the actions menu on the right hand side of the user in the cycle overview to remove them from the cycle - below is a screenshot example.

Removing employees with existing objectives

In order to move an employee from the cycle, you'll first need to move their objectives - below is an example of how to do this from the cycle overview.

Once you move the objectives, you can remove the user from the cycle using the example above.

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