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Small Improvements makes it easy for staff to create and share objectives, keep them up to date, and get reminders via email notifications. Objectives can be used entirely for personal goals, or for objectives that tie into the bigger company vision.

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Small Improvements provides configuration settings so objectives will fit your preferred approach. Would you like to set up quarterly objectives or annual objectives? Would your team benefit from structure with objective statuses, goal alignment through with categories, weightings to communicate priority, or clickable key results to measure deliverables? It's up to your company to craft the process which bests fits your organization's needs. 

An admin will set up "objective cycles" that hold all the relevant settings and milestones, and then staff and managers can start creating and updating objectives easily.

Here is a peek at a user checking out their own objectives:

And here is a peak at that same user, browsing objectives for the team she manages- And then for publicly visibly objectives created by the entire company:


For more detail, we've created three main documentation pages:

  • End user documentation: Learn how to create your own goals, keep them up to date, and to share them with others.
  • Manager documentation: Here's how you stay in the loop, how you create objectives for others, and how to see the bigger picture
  • Administrator documentation: Our objectives are highly customizable, and someone needs to set up the process.

A word of caution

For many companies the practice of goal setting is an integral part of product management. It is important to remember that Small Improvements is a Performance  Feedback system, not a product management tool. 

So while an employee's growth often must rely on the ability to set and achieve goals, our tools focus on the facilitation of feedback around the goals. Less on the tactical execution of team projects. 

We do provide some customizable options which speak to these use cases:

  • Categories for alignment
  • Key results for measurable deliverables 
  • Statuses or completions percentages to track progress
  • Ratings for results evaluation 
  • Weightings to denote priority and areas of focus

But we would just ask that you remember that the tools suite of Small Improvements is very feedback centric - and should not be confused as an option for complex goal management. 

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