HipChat integration (to be discontinued)

Important: February 15th, 2019 is the date of expiration of Hipchat Cloud. You can read more about Atlasssian's update to this tool, here

HipChat is a messaging app built by Atlassian. By integrating Small Improvements with HipChat, users become more aware about what is happening inside SI by notifying them when new messages and objectives are created. This will encourage them to use the tool more when documenting their own goals and praising a coworker for a job well done. 


Push Praise updates from Small Improvements into HipChat

Once you enable the integration and designate a channel, your HipChat users will receive instant notifications for  all public Small Improvements praises and objectives in the channel that you specified.

This will create a notification on HipChat that looks like this:


To enable the integration, an admin needs to navigate to the Administration tab, select HipChat and then click on the Install HipChat Integration link.

  • You will then be taken to the HipChat website where you can approve the Small Improvements integration.
  • Once approved, you will be taken back to the Small Improvements HipChat Integration page and the status and configuration options should now be visible.

By default, the configuration tick boxes are unchecked, allowing you to specify which HipChat channels to post notifications for new public messages and objectives to.

You can, of course, designate that events get sent to the same channel but, if you prefer, you can send messages to separate channels.

This way your HipChat users can subscribe to one but not the other. You may also decide to disable public notifications entirely by unchecking the boxes.

Slack Integration

Does your company use Slack as your internal communication system instead of Hipchat? No problem! We got you covered. Click here to learn more

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