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Slack is a popular service for workplace communication. Small Improvements integrates seamlessly with Slack, so you can stay informed about Review cycles, 1:1 Meetings, Objectives, Pulse Surveys, and Praise right within your everyday communication channels.

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Why use Slack with Small Improvements?

Small Improvements is a perfect system to run Performance Reviews, capture Objectives, and send Praise to coworkers for a job well done. The challenge for HR teams is getting employees to use tools like Small Improvements consistently during and after the official Review time. 

With workplace communication tools like Slack, it's a lot easier to reach employees, both to notify them of events and to enable them to engage in new feedback or objective creation.

When integrating with Slack we only ask you for the permissions that we actually need. You can read our privacy policy at


In order to enable the integration, an admin needs to navigate to the Administration tab > Scroll to the bottom of the screen > And click into the Slack button.

Then press the Add To Slack button.

You will then be taken to Slack's website where you can approve the Small Improvements integration. If all went fine, you'll then get taken back to the Small Improvements admin screen. It will confirm that the connection is properly set up.

Direct (private) Slack notifications are now automatically sent once the integration is enabled. In addition, you can now designate Slack channels into which Small Improvements will post notifications for public Praise and Objectives:

You can either send all notifications to the same channel or send messages to separate channels. Using separate channels your Slack users can subscribe to one but not the other. You may also decide to disable public notifications entirely (private notifications will continue to get sent).

Praise Coworkers Directly From Slack

When you enable the integration, the /praise command is added to your Slack account and everyone in your Slack team can begin using it right away. You will be able to use the command to recognize someone publicly without even logging into Small Improvements.

An easy way to give Praise is to type /praise and immediately hit enter, but you can also @mention the user (or multiple users) you want to praise and start writing your message. Here's an example:

This will trigger a pop-up where you can finish your Praise and select a badge:

Here's how this Praise would look in Small Improvements:

How Praise appears in Slack

When you praise someone in Slack, this is always displayed publicly in Small Improvements . If employees want to reply to that public Praise, there's a link in the Slack notification that takes them into Small Improvements to post their reply. Reactions to a Praise in Slack appear as likes in Small Improvements.

Referencing Praise from Slack in 1:1s, Review, and 360s

Praise shared from Slack is also is visible on the recipient's user profile in Small Improvements, as long as they are an active user. Like any kind of feedback captured on a user's profile, Praise can be taken into account when it's time to participate in a structured Performance Review or 360° Feedback cycle.

When using the 1:1 Meeting, Review, or 360° Feedback modules, the Helpful Resources sidebar makes it even easier to find and refer to Praise received.

Write a Private Note about coworkers from Slack

Maybe you are a manager and want to write a Private Note about a team member in preparation for a 1:1 meeting or an aspect that you want to mention at review time. Or maybe you want to remind yourself about some feedback you want to give a coworker. Good news: the /note command also allows you to do this directly from Slack!

As with /praise, simply write  /note in Slack and hit enter. If you want, you can start writing your note by @mentioning the user(s) the note is about and start writing your note. Here's an example:

You can then finish your note in the pop-up.

After finishing your note and clicking Submit, here's how the note from the example would look like in Small Improvements:

Praise notifications in Slack

Once you enabled the integration and selected a channel, your Slack users will see all new public Praises in that channel. They'll also receive private notifications for any Praises they were mentioned in. 

Here's how a direct notification can look: 

Performance Review notifications in Slack

Email notifications that require action are also sent as private Slack messages. This includes prompts to start writing your reviews or self-assessments as well as nudges from HR, depending on which templates are enabled in the email configuration (Administration > Emails) 

This is what a reviewer may see after a Review Cycle has been kicked off:

A reviewee may receive a message like this:

Objectives notifications in Slack

When public objectives are created within Small Improvements, you have the option to have notifications appear in your dedicated Slack channel.

Team members will also receive direct notifications when someone has updated or commented on their objective. Please note that Slack notifications for objectives are delayed by 5 minutes so that changes made within those 5 minutes will not spam the team member.

1:1 meeting notifications in Slack

We send automated reminders 36 hours before your upcoming 1:1 meeting, making it easy to add talking points from Slack. 

See our guide here: 1:1 meetings notifications in Slack

360° Feedback notifications in Slack

You can notify Slack users when 360° Feedback is released. Depending on who it is released to, of course, this applies to all types of 360 cycles. If the release isn’t tied to a deadline, a notification will appear for the reviewee (or manager, if the reviewee is restricted from seeing the feedback) whenever the reviewer decides to share.

Pulse Surveys notifications in Slack

When creating a pulse survey, you can choose to send out Slack notifications to participants as soon as the survey starts, inviting them to share their perspectives.

Requested Permissions

When connecting your Small Improvements account to Slack we ask for the following permissions:

  • users:read and are needed for matching users in your Slack workspace with users in your Small Improvements account.
  • We use chat:write and chat:write.public to post messages to slack, for example to post praise in a public channel or send reminders to fill out a new pulse survey.
  • The commands scope is used to provide the /praise command inside Slack.
  • reactions:read is needed in order to sync reactions to praise inside of slack and back to Small Improvements.
  • Finally we use channels:read to list your public channels so that you can select one to post Praise or Objectives.
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