Praise with purpose - customizing badges

A kind word goes a long way towards keeping moral up and making sure your team members feel valued. Many organizations thrive when all employees, from the CEO to the office manager, regularly make the effort to recognize their colleagues for their contributions.

Our Praise tool was designed to facilitate this: Offering the immediate ability to easily share the love, with fun and visually pleasing badges as an option to include.

How can recognition be imbued with more meaning though? 

One of the ways we recommend companies get more out of the Praise feature is by suggesting their HR Admins take full advantage of the badge customization capability. Tying kudos to company values not only makes that team member feel appreciated but also could potentially make them feel  motivated.

The Default badges

What you have at your disposal when signing up, already achieves a lot. Our badges are charmingly gamified, and getting praise with one included is a delight! Let's look at a few of the default examples-

There are options for recognizing someone for a specific achievement:

(Maybe: Great work on calls for the Support & Sales teams)

And there are options for just general celebration:

(Who doesn't love hearing they are a star?!)

So if you are planning on customizing, but did want to hang on to a few of the defaults that you think your team will enjoy- Feel free to mix and match!

How tying values to Badges might look

Since you can customize the descriptions of the badges to be whatever you like, or even upload your own badge images to reinforce your company's branding, the opportunity to tie values to kudos could prove compelling. 

Let's look at Small Improvements (the company) as an example. Our values are shared here, and we keep it pretty straightforward: 

  • Be the change you seek
  • Strive to understand
  • We help each other shine
  • Do things we'll be proud of

Let's say I keep the general thanks and the star trophy from above– changing none of the descriptions. I remove all of the other badges, except the following- changing the titles and descriptions to reflect our values here at Small Improvements:

  • The "Builders" badge becomes "Be the change you seek" 
  • The "Deep Thought Trophy" badge becomes "Strive to understand" 
  • The "Star" badge becomes "We help each other shine"
  • The "Thumbs Up" becomes "Do things we'll be proud of"

So when it comes time to recognize what an amazing job our new customer support rep has been doing, sending them the "Strive to understand" badge might have much deeper significance for someone just starting out at a new company.

Or if as a team member I had hit a wall and was feeling unchallenged as of late– but then I took the reigns and drove a leaderless project to fruition... Imagine how great I would feel upon receiving the "Be the change you seek" badge? 

How to Customise

There is more general guidance around the use of praise here. But this handy gif below, also shows you where to find the customization options:

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