System requirements

You don't need to install anything, we host the service for you. You just need a browser and internet connections to start your performance reviews or 360-degree feedback. 

The only tiny catch: you need a modern browser, the application works great in any other modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Supported Browsers

Use the latest version of your browser to experience faster page loads and smooth animations.

  Works Looks great Smooth
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 11  X X


Email Clients

Most of the emails Small Improvements sends you are fairly simple and should look fine in all email clients. Some, however, like the daily overview email, have a more complex layout and depend on the email client to be displayed correctly.

  Readable Looks good Looks great
Apple Mail
iPad Mail
iPhone Mail  
Gmail Website  
Outlook 2007-2013    
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