How do I move or copy an objective to a new cycle?

Who can move or copy objectives? 

To move or copy objectives to new cycles, you'll need to first make sure:

  • You are the employee who has the objective
  • OR the direct manager of the employee
  • OR an HR admin with permissions to move employee objectives
  • The objective must be editable

Note that copying allows you to duplicate an objective in a different cycle. If you'd like to duplicate the objective within the same cycle, check out our walkthrough on cloning.

Moving an Individual Objective

To move an objective, you'll move the objective to a new cycle and it will retain all of it's original settings include due-date. Nothing will change on the objective except the cycle it belongs to, and an employee will be able to continue editing or updating the objective based on the new cycle's timeline dates. 

To move the objective select Actions button on the objective, and the move option: 

Copying an objective to a new cycle

When you copy an objective, the original objective remains and a new copy is created in the cycle you choose. In the end, you'll have two objectives. 

The copy option can also be found on the objective edit screen: 

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