Proactive 360° Feedback

If you want to allow your employees to give feedback to a cycle's reviewees, even if they haven't been nominated or approved, select the option to "Allow proactive 360° feedback" during the Feedback Cycle Creation process.

Mix and match as you see fit. Proactive 360° Feedback can be used in addition to a regular nomination process, but also to enable "Free for all" cycles with no nomination process at all, where each employee can choose their reviewees on their own.

Your employees will find a Todo item on their Home screen to select people they want to provide feedback for. This option will be available for everyone through the whole cycle process, starting from the "Cycle starts" date until the "Cycle ends" date.

The Todo item also serves as small control panel for your employees to get an overview of which people they have already chosen in the Proactive Feedback process and allow to jump right to the "Provide Feedback" screen, as well as editing and deleting already written feedback.

Managers and HR administrators can discern on their respective Cycle Overview screens which people participated in the Feedback process as regular nominees and who joined as proactive reviewer.

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