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Feedback Requests allow employees to run employee-driven 360 feedback cycles. "Request Feedback" templates give your team a consistent way to ask for input from their colleagues. 

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Feature Configuration

To configure templates, you'll need to visit the Administration page, and select the Request Feedback Templates option.

We offer several existing templates for use by your staff. You can edit, or remove these templates using the pen icon or trash can icon. 

Working with templates

To edit an existing template, you can remove or edit the template using our administrative options: 

To add a new template, you'll need to select the Create new template option at the top of the screen. Below is a gif showing you how to edit basic options for your new template. 

You can turn template on and off, or move templates using the administrative options: 

End-user overview

When requesting feedback, team members will see the option to select from your existing templates, while setting up the feedback questionnaire. 

Please note:

  • Templates are not enforced - the employee can still edit the template after selecting it. The original questions in the template can be edited or removed by the employee for their feedback request. Edits do not affect the templates for other employees, only the specific feedback request. 

Below is a gif showing the option for templates in the questionnaire: 

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