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The Import Users screen allows you to quickly add users into Small Improvements from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV (Comma delimited) file. It also gives you the ability to view previous import logs if you are regularly updating your user base by re-importing.

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If you are interested in a high-level discussion of how to kickstart your Small Improvements experience, including how to initially import users into the system and how best to set them up in a brand new account, please refer to our Setting Up Users guide.


To locate the Import Users page, visit the Administration tab -> Import Users: 

Import Tab

The import tab is where the majority of your activity will happen on this page. By dragging and dropping an Excel spreadsheet onto the drop space, or cutting and pasting a CSV (Comma delimited) file into the manual entry box, you can kick off a simulated import, where you will be presented with a preview table showing you all the changes that would be made were the import to be completed.

If you are happy with the changes, simply click the Import button at the bottom of the screen, and your import will start to run in the background - it should be done within a minute or so.

Configuration Tab

Sometimes the default options for importing users are not suitable for your company's use case. You can visit the Configuration tab to customize exactly how you would like imported users to be treated. For example, you can import only the user details from your spreadsheet and ignore any changes in managers - this might be useful if you are in the middle of a review cycle and would like the users to have updated profiles, but would not like to change their existing managers.

There are also options around whether to activate or deactivate existing users found in Small Improvements. The on-screen help describes each option in further detail. Please feel free to contact support if you need more detailed help in finding the right settings for you.


History Tab

If you would like to see a history of all the imports that have been run for your company (including any initial imports that may have been run on your behalf by the Small Improvements support team), you can see these in the history tab. This will show all new, changed and deactivated users for each import, as well as detailed information about what fields were updated. This can be very helpful if you have a regular import to keep your user base in sync with an external system and you need to track when certain changes appeared in Small Improvements.

We also have a power user feature available on request for companies who need to set up a regular background import from an import file published by other web-based HR information systems or personnel management solutions. Please contact support if you feel this is a feature that might help your organization.

Automatic import from another server

Small Improvements can also get configured to pull your user data from a remote server. This option is off by default, but our support team can enable the option for you.

Before you start, please ensure that the file generated by the remote server can be downloaded and manually imported into SI. If that works, then enabling the automatic import will be easy.

Once SI support has enabled the option, the config screen will contain a section looking like this:

Just enter your credentials and the server's URL, using https, and save the screen.

But don't set an automatic import cadence just yet! Move to the preview tab, you'll see a new "Fetch" button that will help you preview the server's dataset. Once you've confirmed that this looks fine, go back to the Config tab and then use the hourly option to ensure the task kicks off in a timely manner. You'll find the results of the import in the history tab (explained above). 

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