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Custom wording requests must be submitted via To request a custom wording change please email us with the details of your request based on the options available below.

Custom wording helps to make Small Improvements fit in nicely. If your company has called it "peer feedback" forever, then there's no point using our standard term "360-degree feedback". This document explains how to approach the custom wording and what to consider.

When applying customized wordings, most of our customers decide to change the name of one of our main features: Messages, Performance Reviews, 360-Degree Feedback or Objectives. You can easily rename each of these modules. Moreover, there are some further wording customization options in the Messages, Performance Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback features.



In the Messages module, you are able to customize the wording for the overall feature Message. Moreover, the word Badge can be renamed.

Default in Small Improvements Example of wording customization
message note
badge trophy


Performance Reviews

In the Performance Review module, we provide two forms of renaming including short and long-form. Either a Performance Review is called performance review in its long-form (L) or review in its short form (S). The assessment, self-assessment or manager-assessment can all be renamed.

Default in Small Improvements Example of wording customization
review (S) check-in
performance review (L) performance check-in
assessment check-in
self-assessment self-check-in
manager-assessment manager-check-in


360 Degree Feedback

Identical to the Performance Review we provide a short and a long-form for 360 Degree Feedback. It is either called 360-degree feedback in its long-form (L) or 360 feedback in its short form (S), both of which can be customized. The reviews in a 360 Degree Feedback can also be renamed in a long or short form. 

In its default form, it is either 360-degree review (L) or review (S). Last but not least, the term Reviewer is customizable.

Default in Small Improvements Example of wording customization
360 feedback (S) feedback
360 degree feedback (L) peer feedback
review (S) response
360 degree review (L) peer response
reviewer evaluator



In the Objective module you are able to customize the word objective.

Default in Small Improvements Example of wording customization
objective goal



Additionally, you are able to modify the wording for Manager, Team, Company, and indirect/direct report. 

Default in Small Improvements Example of wording customization
HR People Ops
manager mentor
team branch
company organization
direct/indirect report coworker

"team" is a special case. Customizing "team" only replaces references to the Team field in the user profile and Team column in the company directory and overview magic columns.

Things to consider

Whenever you want very specific terms, please keep in mind that your terms have to work in many different ways. 

So, keep these things in mind when you come up with new ideas for terminology:

  • Space is limited on the user interface. So we usually have two forms, short and long, for each term. For instance "Performance review" is the default name, but we only call it "review" when space is limited, for instance in the menu.
  • A term needs to work both in singular and in plural form. "Here are the performance reviews you need to sign." If your company internal name for performance review is "performance information" then it is likely to call the plural form "performance information" as well. Then the sentence would be: "Here is the performance information you need to sign."
  • There is no sense in renaming „objective“ to „your objective“. Think about your customized wording in the context of a sentence.

If you are able to find any wordings which didn’t get replaced by your customization, just let us know.

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