Cycle admins (BETA)

In addition to HR Admins and HR Assistants, cycle creators may assign cycle admins to the cycles they created. Once assigned, only the assigned cycle admins (plus the creator) have admin access to these cycles, so it's a great way to lock out all other admins from a cycle. In addition, you may also assign cycle admins who are not meant to get global HR permissions.

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Why use cycle admins? 

Let's consider the following scenario (you can use the sample users to stage it). Heather and Mary are HR Admins. Heather creates a review cycle called "VPs of Engineering Reviews". She doesn't want Mary to have access to the reviews in that cycle, but the intern Irene should become an HR admin for this cycle only.

  • All Heather needs to do is assign Irene as a cycle admin. Heather retains her HR Admin access because she created the cycle (she's also the only person who can assign or revoke cycle admins). Mary is automatically "locked out". Mary can still see that the cycle exists (on the cycle admin overview) and Irene can still not access the cycle admin overview.
  • But Mary can't edit the review cycle settings, nor see the overview of reviews, nor nudge reviewers or see review content. Irene, on the other hand, can now see the review overview (via the sidebar menu) and she can edit the cycle settings (there's a link on the cycle overview screen), and she can nudge and view reviews like any HR admin.

Can anyone be a cycle admin? What is the cycle admin's permission level?

Any employee can be a cycle admin, even non-HR admins. The employee takes on the role of HR Admin for the individual cycle only, this cycle admin status doesn't grant HR admin permissions anywhere else in the tool. 

Turning on the feature

Since the global admin concept works perfectly fine for 90% of our customers, and since the cycle admins feature increases the complexity of SI administration a fair bit, the cycle admin feature is not active in your SI account by default.

This feature needs to be activated by request. Reach out to for help. 

Assigning Admins

Once the cycle admin feature is enabled, every creator of a review cycle will get the ability to assign cycle admins to "their" cycles, using a simple user picker on the cycle management screen. Once cycle admins have been assigned, other HR admins or HR assistants (who all can see the cycle administration screen) are able to see that the cycle is restricted and to whom.

To assign, you'll need to visit the Company overview -> Reviews (or 360s, Objectives) -> Use the picker:

So to be clear, you can't hide that a cycle exists (it's still listed on the cycle management screen), and you can't hide who the admins for that cycle are either. SI behaves this way to prevent confusion later on: Imagine the person who created the cycle leaves the company, and you need to find out who else is a cycle admin. 

Common Questions

What about revoking permissions?

Only the HR Admin who created a cycle, has the ability to assign cycle admins.

  • With that in mind, please exercise caution when revoking HR permissions for an admin who is the creator and sole admin for any cycle. As doing so will lock out any Admin user's access to the administration of the cycle.
  • If you've done this by accident and need to revert - The solution would be to reinstate the HR permissions for the cycle admin again, then that Admin user can assign other cycle admins or remove oneself as cycle admin, and you can revoke their permissions once more.

Who should be cycle admin?

The cycle admin feature is an advanced option and due to its complexity (such as limited navigation for cycle admins), we only enable it upon request.

In keeping with this, we recommend carefully choosing who should be selected as a cycle admin. For instance: HR admins and HR assistants have access to our cycle management screens, therefore they are a natural fit for cycle admins. Whereas managers in your account without HR privileges do not have access to the cycle management screens.

Will there be assistants in the future?

Cycle creators can only assign cycle admins and not cycle assistants. The moment you assign a single cycle admin, all other global HR admins are locked out. And this applies also to global HR assistants.

So the cycle admins can't get help by assistants, they need to run the cycle completely on their own.

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