Confidential questions (manager-only topics)

In addition to the regular free text questions, review cycle creators may choose that a question is confidential. This means that only the reviewer, as well as the reviewee's management chain and HR, can see the question and answer. 

The reviewee will not be able to see the question or answer.

Sample use case

You’d like to ask the manager whether they consider the employee fit for a promotion. Or maybe you would like to know if the manager thinks a team member is at risk of leaving your company. Any topic you’d give the reviewer but not the reviewee for consideration is a good fit for a confidential question.

How it works

When composing a Performance Review questionnaire, you can add questions that are shown to the reviewer but not the reviewee. To do this, simply select Confidential Question from the list of question types.

A confidential question works just like a regular free text question – except it's not visible to the reviewee. 

This is how the confidential question will look like from the reviewer's perspective:


When you print the review, you’ll notice that the confidential topics are hidden by default. This ensures you can share a print of the review without the confidential questions. If you’d like to create a print including the confidential topics, you can do so in the print view: 

PDF Export

When exporting a review as a PDF, you'll get to chose whether or not you want the confidential topics to be included in the documents: 

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