Optional features overview

Small Improvements is mostly a self-service product. You can sign up for free, test as long as you like, and adjust it to your needs. We have 5 main features, but each is highly configurable and powerful. At the same time, we strive for SI to be as easy as possible to use, both for end users and for admins. 

However, we've also found out that many evaluators simply enable all features just to try them, and then get overwhelmed by the complexity.  For that reason, a handful of rarely used features now have to get enabled by SI staff manually. This allows us to double check with you if this feature is actually something you need.

User impersonation
A very powerful feature that can be great to evaluate or trouble shoot problems. But it can be abused as well, so it's off by default.
Secondary reviewers A feature that allows a second person to provide insight to performance reviews. It can be great for some use cases, but it doesn't help with others.
Manager Share From Date Normally managers can decide when they want to share their assessment with their team member. If HR wants more control of the process, they can decide to prevent managers from sharing before a certain date.
Cycle admins Usually all HR admins have full admin permission on all cycles. But it's possible to assign cycle admins ( even people who don't have global HR permission in the first place) thus restricting who can see confidential content in that cycle.
Custom wording We offer our customers several wording customizations in Small Improvements.
Advanced User Picker This adds a new tab to the user picker which allows you to select users by pasting their emails or uploading an Excel with emails. Useful if you already have lists of users you want to select from some other system.
Alternate Email Normally a user's Login Email is also the email address they will receive nudges and notifications on. With this feature enabled, you may define an additional, alternate address to be used for all email correspondence from Small Improvements.
Custom user synchronization In addition to dedicated integrations we also allow you to poll and synchronize user data from any system that can expose user data via an API.
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